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Whether you’re looking to drive awareness, purchase consideration, traffic or conversions, our user-first ad experiences will delight your consumers and drive results for your brand.

Social-inspired formats for every objective

Delight, don’t disrupt. Our mobile ad formats, from Stories to Swipe Right, are inspired by the high-quality ad experiences from social apps; they load quickly, are intuitively engaging and do not interrupt the user’s flow. Get in touch for a custom mock-up for your brand.

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Optimise with creative customisation

We are experts in optimising creatives to drive desired outcomes, from CTR to Dwell Time. Our in-house creative team can advise on the ideal social-inspired feature for your campaign, from Polls to Emoji Reactions.

Maximise attention with our user experience algorithm

We don’t just deliver on premium publishers, we deliver on their most user-first mobile pages possible. All our inventory must pass Google’s Core Web Vital algorithm - this has proven to drive significantly higher levels of user attention compared to the standard mobile web.

Reach your ideal audience, whilst respecting their privacy

Reaching a relevant audience is key for brands. At Picnic, we are able to reach relevant users without compromise on their privacy through a mix of cookie-proof audience & contextual targeting solutions.

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Access our global
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Being user-first means being sustainable too. Whilst our ads are proven to emit 50% fewer carbon emissions than industry standard, this still isn’t good enough for us. We compensate the carbon cost of all campaigns with high-quality carbon removal projects as standard, at no additional cost to advertisers.

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What our
clients say

Picnic ensures we are using high quality creatives within environments that our audiences are engaging with the most. The long list of creative options ensure we can handpick the best option to align with the most relevant objective which suits each client’s brief best. Alongside this, the service Picnic offer right from initial briefing, through to PCA is excellent!

Beth Stamford
Digital Account Manager

Picnic couldn't have been a better partner to work with on this campaign. The whole process has been incredibly smooth and we're seeing great results. The team has been incredibly proactive - keeping us updated with campaign reports, helping us to implement our brand study and addressing any queries we've had. We're excited to continue the partnership on future campaigns!

Shauna Hart
Senior Media Activation Exec

Picnic are amazing to work with and always willing to provide a helping hand with new solutions. The communication is highly transparent and the team are always at hand to provide support with the many campaigns we run with them.

Adam AI- Imran
Senior Programmatic Exec
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Top class

Dedicated client success team with industry-leading NPS score.

Run it
your way

Managed or Programmatic? We can do both.

Quick creative turnaround

Instantly repurpose existing campaign assets using our in-house team & Studio platform.

brand insights

You name it. We’ll measure it. Attention, footfall, brand uplift – we've got you covered.


Customise and run A/B creative tests to optimise your campaign at no additional cost.

Detailed PCA

In-depth post-campaign analysis to shape and increase the success of your next campaign.

Let's delight users and drive results.

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