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Want to increase the value of your user-first mobile inventory, but retain that all-important seamless user experience? Our user-first ad formats will enable you to do just that, whilst attracting premium brands to your site.

Monetise your AMP & CWV inventory

User-first inventory is hard to monetise. Our suite of premium social-inspired formats bring high-quality ad experiences to your user-first Core Web Vital and Accelerated Mobile Page sites. And with this comes a dramatic increase in your eCPMs.

Delight your readers

We believe that monetisation shouldn’t come at the expense of your readers’ in-article experience. Built from the ground-up for user-first content, our ad formats load quickly and fit seamlessly within your content. Delight readers, don’t disrupt.

Simple integration

We’ve specifically developed our suite of social-inspired ads so that they can be integrated without taking an existing ad slot. This provides incremental revenue with no additional coding required on your site, and competing with existing demand.

Premium Demand from
top global brands

Premium Demand from
top global brands


Maximise Revenue
with Studio

Maximise Revenue
with Studio

What our
clients say

Picnic have become a key Google AMP monetisation solution, delivering a 125% increase on AMP CPMs. Their product was very easy to integrate and, crucially, allowed us to keep all existing AMP monetisation solutions on the page. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership and are excited to see how their product roadmap develops

Warwick Walker
Digital Commercial Director

We work with picnic to help us monetize our AMP pages across metro.co.uk and dailymail.co.uk. We have found it immensely beneficial to integrate with Picnic in order to drive incremental revenue on AMP pages which are not in competition with any other demand. The integration has been completely seamless with everything running through PMPs and Picnic is one of our largest revenue drivers on AMP pages. The team are an absolute pleasure to deal with and they are extremely on top of all market changes and trends.

Georgia Morgan
Head of Programmatic Sales

Since implementing the scrolling integration, Hello! has seen sharp increases across the board in viewability, CTR and Fill rates which has lead to a 239% year-on-year growth in revenue. Hello and Picnic’s partnership continues to strengthen off the back of this change with Picnic now serving its formats across both AMP & core web vital compliant mobile web.

Walton Musgrave
Global Programmatic Director

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